Hebei Greenland Animal Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a good qualified enterprise acording to the standards of the Ministry of Agriculture construction and acceptance.It is a Large comprehensive high-tech animal health products co., LTD which contains veterinary medicine ,feed additives, research and development,production,salesandservice.

   The total construction area of Hebei Greenland Animal Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is 4,000 square meters, including GMP standard production workshop with 2500 square meters , GMP standard raw material reservoir area with 500 square meters, GMP standard detection monitoring center with 300 square meters.It has a registered capital of 10 million yuan and operates strictly in  accordance with the GMP standard involving powder, oral liquid, disinfectants, water injection, premixes, granules, powder injection and other forms. The marketing network is all over 26 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of the country.It has 5 logistics center including Shenyang, Shijiazhuang, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Changsha which makes logistics more fast, and better services in the country's leading enterprises, distributors and farmers.The fast speed of development refresh the industry record, which is the blood of Hebei Greenland Animal Pharmaceutical survival and development and the spirit about Jin Kun taked off.

Research Report: Specialize in - fine

   With its strong scientific research and technology and product development capabilities, Hebei Greenland Animal Pharmaceutical establishs a good working relationship with institute of microbiology Chinese Academy of Sciences,China Agricultural University, China Institute of Poultry Science, Agricultural University of Hebei, Shandong Agricultural University, Zhejiang University and many other well-known research institutes. Hebei Greenland Animal Pharmaceutical has a number of technology patents with broughting together the research strength of a team of experts, using the latest scientific research and advanced technology at home and abroad, involving technology of genetic engineering,gene fragments cut, recombinant DNA, traditional Chinese medicine research and development and a number of research areas. Hebei Greenland Animal Pharmaceutical is the only one with the the antisense nucleotide production of animal pharmaceutical companies, creating a precedent in the field of animal antiviral.

   Hebei Greenland Animal Pharmaceutical products go through checks and supervision at various levels from raw materials to packaging, semi-finished products to finished product, the warehouse to the market,and each process of products are for the customer. products see the quality as life with strict implementation of GMP standard to ensure product quality and production of specification. from all aspects. And in 2011, Hebei Jin-kun Animal Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. successfully passed the State GMP re-examination. All along, Hebei Greenland Animal Pharmaceutical integrate the quality and innovation into the enterprise product ,forge ahead, being creative, keeping improving.It architectures Hebei Greenland Animal Pharmaceutical’s perfect quality assurance and innovatives services system and a high-tech, modern animal pharmaceutical company with advanced production equipment, efficient and safe products, modern means of detection, independent intellectual property rights,that has taken a more solid step forward for the prosperity and development of China's animal husbandry business and the protection of human health.

Staff Report: Boehner on – Spirit

   All staff in Hebei Greenland Animal Pharmaceutical always run around between urban and rural areas and serve for the farmers, seeking the development vision of "people-technology integration, to create a hundred Jin Kun", adhereing  to the "professional quality, integrity win-win" concept of service. Hebei Greenland Animal Pharmaceutical enjoys every detail of the livestock industry service. Every post, every work day, all carrying the attentive ,patience and caring of all crew in Hebei Greenland Animal Pharmaceutical, carrying the pioneering passion of all crew in Hebei Greenland Animal Pharmaceutical,carrying the faith of promoting the prosperity and development of animal husbandry.

   Today, Hebei Greenland Animal Pharmaceutical continues to grow, with more than 10 experts, employs nearly 300 people, including undergraduate academic staff of more than 80%. Most have work experience of large farms,who are excellent technical complex sales personnel and they have more effective service to farmers,which can bring the knowledge and wealth and gain happiness and trust. 

   Each year, Hebei Greenland Animal Pharmaceutical regularly holds seminars and associations with customers, building a platform to communicate with customers, so that makes customers keeping track of the latest industry information and the company's development plan, co-created Jin-kun Pharmaceutical and customers future glory.

Hebei Greenland Animal Pharmaceutical Development Vision: Integrate in–vitality

     Bent on an ambitious sea, life has a vast firmament. Cross-hard and smile, experience danger and pride, Hebei Greenland Animal Pharmaceutical has been given to the future glory and dream in this takeoff of transformation.

     Today, Jin Kun medicine takes the rise of China booming trend , have an opportunity to develop the industry and take an effort to build Jin Kun brand to forge ahead at full speed towarding  a higher annual turnover target. 

     New starting pave new brilliance. Jin Kun medicine will be a giant aircraft carrier of future Chinese veterinary medicine enterprises, loading with all the Jin Kun staff based on animal husbandry and services for agriculture with scientific development and deep feelings of a harmonious world.Cleave through the waves and sail voyage.