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Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ink

   Five gallbladder and eight precious Chinese traditional medicine combined with turpentine soot going through some specific methods to become round or square.This fantastic ink can wring remarkable chinese writing in Chinese art papper.In addition,it can wipe out disease in one way of internal or external use.

   This is a verse abstract from poem that made by the qing dynasty poet.It expressed the double fuction of using Chinese traditional medicine to make ink and putting ink into Chinese traditional medicine.

   The impression of ink is a little simplex,but the ink divides into five colours to art and is essential for chinese writing and painting.If you have great originality, more than five colours,there will be various changes,we can realize artistic state of chinese painting and calligraphy with this special material.Ancients are particular about good ink,not present ink which is widespread but can not create good work.Since the Tang Dynasty,people especially liked the Huizhou inkstick best,which called ¡°The ink of Shexian County ( in Anhui Province ) is the best¡± and became the main tool to promote the Chinese culture historic and express artist intelligence and wisdom. Huizhou inkstick, writing brush produced in Huzhou, a kind of high-quality ink-slab made in Duanxi Guangdong Province and Chinese art paper were called ¡°the Four Treasures of Study¡±.

   Tortoise shell,animal bone and stone implement chinese archaeological explored had already had ink marks in the fourteenth century BC. Chuang Tzu aslo sayed¡°lick pen and ink¡±.

   According to¡¶Shu Gushufazhuan¡·,XingYi of Western Zhou Dynasty maked ink firstly.,It called black soil at the beginnnng,later superimposed the two Chinese characters and formd ink.The origin of Han ink was Hanyang of Shanxi,called ¡°Mi¡± in ancient.According to historical records,order of a minister Mr.Pu gave Yu Mi a big ink and a small ink.It is visible that Hang Dynasty had used ink to grant a reward which is proved ink¡¯s rarity .So ink aslo called ¡°Yu Mi¡±.

Xi Chao coming from Xi Zhou of Hebei made ink ancestrally.He came to Shexian of Anhui with his son for avoiding warfire.He took smoke of taiwanensis,mixed with deer-horn glue, borneol, pearl powder, musk,made a good ink which the hardness like jade,the texture like rhinoceros and the colour like paint.Appreciated by the host of Southern Tang Dynasty,¡±Xi ink¡± was called ¡°Huizhou inkstick¡±, ¡°Li ink¡± or ¡°Xin An Xiang ink¡±.Also,the family was given the last name of country, Li Tinggui was granted the officer of making ink,which sweeped the worldsince then and appeared grand occasion of ¡°Gold is easy to find, Huizhou inkstick is hard to find¡±.

   At Song and Yuan Dynasties, plentiful famous people appeared because of Huizhou inkstick,which was divided into dark pine smoke kowtow and light lampblack.Later the quality of ink improved again,the ink was made by Tung Oil Yan or Qi Yan adding musk, pearls, pig's bile, flos caryophylli, gelatin and Storax oil,some even added gold foil.The ink not only shaded affordable and irresistible but also mothproof. At Ming Dynasty superior  ink maker Cheng Junfang had boasted¡±My ink can replace gold after hundred years¡±.Indeed,now,the ink ¡±Xuanyuanlingqi¡± and ¡°Liaotianyi¡±made by him can be bought by two or three times of gold. 

   At Qing Dynasty,the ink made by four famous ink makers ¡±Cao Sugong,Wang Jinshengn,Wang Jiean and Hu Kaiwen¡± all added traditional chinese medience.Then it formed a cultural phenomenon of using medience to make ink.

  Traditional chinese medience is the medience for treating,ink is for writing and painting,traditional chinese medicine and ink all have bright national features,they make respectively extremly important contribution for multipling chinese nation,propagate and carry forward Chinese culture.

   Making ink needs traditional chinese medicine,the ink can be added into medicine.Traditional chinese medicine which is often added into ink is Borneol, musk, vanilla, sandalwood, lingling, cortex moutan, madder, radix arnebiae seu lithospermi, purple ore, toad venom, rhinoceros horn, antelope horn, antler glue, angelica sinensis, radix gentianae macrophyllae, gallnut, pearl, gold foil, bezoar, bear bile, catechu, rhizoma coptidis, pig bile, donkey-hide gelatin, etc.

  Famou inks for medicinal purpose ¡°Wanliding¡± and ¡°Wudanbabaoyaomo¡±not only can be taken orally but also external use,which were choosed by country as¡±one of variety of the essential drugs TCM products¡±.

   Old inks aslo called Chenxuan,Xuanxiang, Parotitis,Wuyuque are the best.Su Dongpo is ont only good at writing and painting but a professor who collect and study ink, he reserved hundreds of ink and often choose one day to probate¡±.Si Mawen had said:Tea is opposite with ink,tea is good for white, dense and new while ink is good for dark, light and old.This is the experience about identifing good and bad ink.

   ¡°Compendium of Materia Medica¡±records that Chinese ink is spicy but mild,no poisonous,into heart liver kideny channel. It can stop bleeding,gather the wound and reduce the wound gap.It¡¯s Ideal for those suffered from postpartum faintness, metrorrhagia, bloody flux, carbuncle swollen in back. Negotiate the urine and menstruation.

   ¡°Medical circles edit the demand¡± records that chinese can clear heart and lung ,wipe hot,cool blood and hemostasis, desend gas to the kidney.

   ¡°Herbal medicine to new¡±records chinese ink can regulate the liver and moisten lung,wipe out the heat,stop cough,induce saliva and slake thirsty.

   ¡°the prescription of the experience of meishi¡±records chinese ink can cure serious epistaxis which make dizzy people almost to die.The method is drip the ink into noose.

   ¡°Materia Medica Yanyi¡±records the Chinese ink can be used to cure serious hematemesis.The method is grinding the fresh Chinese ink into 10g. Pouring some broth into the powder and drinking after meal. 

   ¡°Handbook of Prescriptions for Emergencies ¡±records drinking a spoon of  the fresh chinese ink can cure metrorrhagia which the color is bluish yellow and red-white. Using rhizoma zingiberis and fresh Chinese ink respectively 250g, adding some vinegar in order to mix up to pills which look like the seed of tung tree.Eating 30 pills a day can cure red-white dysentery.

   ¡°Holy ji total record¡±records chinese ink can cure urinary system infection.Firing the fresh Chinese ink into 100g,drinking the ink water which combined with a spoon of Chinese ink and some water each time,you can drink in any time. If you have carbuncle swollen,mumps, you will get well after smearing.

   ¡°Materia medica qiuzhen¡±records chinese ink distributes to liver and kidney channel. It is black,spicy and mild. It¡¯s effective for hot blood in lower energizer, pestilence with epistaxis, postpartum faintness, rectocele, metal-inflicted wound with little barrier in eyes.

    ¡°Materia Medica Yanyi¡± records ink made by pine soot or Tung soot can use in traditional medicine while the ink made by petroleum or kerosene can¡¯t regard as medicine.