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Bronchus blocking is caused

Bronchus blocking is caused by the following three step.The first step is shaping mucus,the second step is that high fever evaporate the water of mucus, the third step is blocking bronchus.

The first step:Shaping mucus

  Pheasantry with low humidity can cause flying dust. Dust carrys bacteria and virus enter into lung.Lung will secrete mucus due to self-protect. Also,high ammonia concentration can make respiratory system secrete mucus. Bacterium and mycoplasma can mutiply rapidly by using nutritional ingredient in lung and then cause inflammation.Under the effect of inflammation,lung and tracea secrete more mucus,discharge mucus of lung under the effect of physiology,downward the mucus of trachea under the effect of gravity, bronchus is the junction of two mucus. Bacterium and mycoplasma open access for virus in the lung ,virus takes into and infects body.

The second step:High fever 

  The entrance of virus,bacterium and mycoplasma cause body fever suddenly,constant fever bake the mucus.

The third step:Blocking 

  Fever is more and more serious,mucus gradually lose moisture and shape caseous material.The body will breath diffcultly usually within 24 hours.


The first step:Shaping mucus

1. Enhance feeding management,keep proper humidity for avoiding flying dust, often disinfect and clean virus of dust in pheasantry.

2. Maintain good ventilation,avoid ammonia concentration overhead.

3. Chinese doctors believe lung like wet rather than dry,drying air can ealisy cause lung fire.Lung fire strik the yin-yang balance of lung,causing the secretion of mucus.This moment it is right to cool lung fire.But the blocking of bronchus is no age rule to follow.The medicine to cool lung fire must apply follow the rule.Maxingshigan Decoction  is useful for cough and asthmafcaused by lung fire,it is the first choice to cool lung fire.

The second step:High fever 

1. The course of disease has too short time.It must strengthen the inspection on pheasantry,if find problems , bring down fever and control the shape of mucus.

2. Antiviral,at the same time prevent secondary infection.

The third step:Blocking 

1. Once blocking Initially shapes (hollow state),we should use carbocisteine,bromhexine and ammonium chloride(rank according to the hurt to kidney)to melt the embolism,control the increase of mortality.

2. The damage to kidney is unavoidable,unchock kidney on time.

3. Keep use the febrifuge, antiviral agent and the drug of destroying colibacillus.

4. Because chicken do not have diaphragm,bacteria extend down fastly, cause gasbag inflammation, pericardium and package liver.So,the medicine of preventing gasbag inflammation is essential.

Complex treatment:

  Maxingshigan Decoction 2-3 times plus doxycycline hyclate soluble powder with water 150 kg/bottle for 2-3ddays plus anti-flu antisense nucleotide 5000 chicken/sbottle and plus anti-ND antisense nucleotide 5000chickens/bottle for 3 days.

Clinical effect:

  Control the death within 24 hours so as not to develop into gasbag inflammation and neednt apply the drug of destroying colibacillus.

Notes:This product cant use together with dexamethasone and mequindox;This product contains mequindox,which should be cafeful before 15 days of age.Add dosage is strictly prohibited.

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