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Walmly Congratulations Greenland Pharma on Approving GMP Reinspection


    Hebei Animal Husbandry Bureau normally appointed four experts to visit greenland pharma as an acceptance inspection team for reinspecting veterinary GMP on 5th and 6th, August, 2016, together with leaders related to Provincial Bureau&Municipal Bureau.  

    First of all, General manager, Mr Yunbo Li introduced detailed production &management condition to experts team, and later had a report about development situation since GMP executed. There are total 201 inspection items involed in the veterinary GMP reinspection, including 57 key conditions and 144 general conditions. 

    The experts team separately on-site inspected systems of workshop, equipment, process flow&quality centre, logistic&quality management, and sanitary control etc; Checked detailed information of workline, workshop, production processes, product quality and safety production control; Especially inspected carefully product line of powder/premix,oral solution(including chinese medicine extraction)/tincture,non-chlorine disinfectant(liquid).


    The experts team seriously consulted GMP management documents and kinds of archival datas, and had a strict stuffs examination about veterinary GMP knowledge. 

    Through strictly and meticulously inspected stuation of management implement, production management&total quality management, the experts team definitely confirmed Greenland Pharma on works of veterinary GMP construction and achivements made.


    The experts team all ageed that Greenland pharma is: Sound organizational structure and clear accountability, of which personnel structure, Diathesis and training were basically meeting to GMP standard; Factory layout is reasonable and Square&space matches production technolodge and production scales; Laboratory environment, facility and detecting instrument meeted GMP standard; Production and material managenent adopts GMP request; Production&quality management Documents reaches GMP standard. 

    The experts fianlly concluded: Recommended powder, premix,oral solution (including chinese herbal extraction),tincture,non-chlorine disinfectant(liquid) as qualified veterinary GMP production line. 

    By the end of meeting both sides had a signing ceremony , the experts team officially declared greenland pharma aprroved veterinary GMP reinspection with expressed sincere congratulation.


    That sucessfully approving GMP is not only confirmed Greenland peoples assiduous work, but also spured and encouraged us to further carry on GMP management in the later work. All the stuffs in Greenland pharma promise: from now on they will resolutely overcome present problems,organize production as GMP request, carry GMP management essence out seriously in production and quality control each batch, each day, and serve animal huabandry with excellent quality product as always.