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Xinji¡¯s vice secretary and mayor Tian and his party inspected Hebei Greenland Animal Pharmaceutical co.,ltd.

On 3rd August,2016, Xinji¡¯s vice secretary and mayor Tian and Member of the Standing Committee vice mayor Jiang inspected Greenland Pharma. Yunbo Li, General manager of Greenland pharma, accompanied their inspection.

Picture of Mayor Tian and his party with Genaral Manager Yunbo li

    All the stuff in greenland pharma walmly welcomed Mayor Tian and Jiang¡¯s Coming.

Mayor Tian had a kind talking with Li and carefully listenned to Li¡¯s work report, then Mayor Tian and his party separately visited workshop of Powder,oral solution, disinfectant,injection, premix,granula and powder injection etc, Li followed and had a detailed explanation of each work process from material to packing, semi-finished products to finished ones, warehouse to marketing. Meanwhile, Li confidently promised that Greenland pharma operation principle is always insisiting on¡± Green, Healthy and Natural herbal formulation, no drug residue, assuring animal health and serving development of animal husbandry¡±. Mayor Tian seriously watched equipments in workshop and their production process, and listened to report about factory construction by head of workshop. Mayor Tian was very appreciated of newest production equipment used, and was sure of Greenland pharma concept of green herbal medicine developed and achivements made.


Picture of Mayor Tian and his party inspecting workshop

    When mayor Tian knew the personnel structure of Greenland pharma, that is, total stuffs nearly 300 , and 80% up are bachlor or above, especially most of the stuff are very experienced in large farms, which is big advantage in serving farmers, they are really skillful versatile sales talent. What¡¯s more, there are more than 10 famous professional experts as technical support. He was delight and said, talents are the RND key of veterinary medicine industry, you have to set up talent highland first if you want to occupied the commanding heights of technology innovation. At the same time, mayor Tian encouraged research stuff ¡°you have done marvelous achievements in technology innovation for Chinese healthy farming development and safety animal by-products, we hope you make persistant efforts to more achivements¡±.

Picture of General manager Yunbo Li reporting works to Mayor Tian

   Mayor Tian still pointed out we should pay more attention to veterinary quality inspection and healthy farming. Mayor Tian deeply ask all greenland pharma stuff to study and imple the spirit of xijinping¡¯ important speech in Party School of the CPC, bring the exemplary role of Partymembers into full play, build research power of excellent experts inspection team, and adopts the newest scientific achivements in and aboard actively. At present,Greenland pharma has further developed in area of genetic engineering technique, gene fragment cutting, gene recombination technology, research of Traditional Chinese medicine etc with numbers of technology patents, we hope greenland pharma should increase the technology innovation, and firmly establish a quality brand awareness.

   When finished the inspection, mayor Tian and Jiang inquired situation of operation and stuff again, and was very sure of the efforts and achivements, they hope greenland pharma keep continous innovation, improve production by efforts and win honors for Xinji.

    As a large comprehensive high-tech enterprises in the fields of veterinary medicine and feed additives, Greenland pharma has owned the capacity of R&D,production,sales and service. Over the years, Greenland pharma pay more attention to innovation with much capital injections in aspects of quality inspection and R&D, which already has made many scientific research fruits. It¡¯s hornor that Mayor Tian and his party visited greenland pharma and guide the work this time, Greenland pharma will be urged to further development in technology innovation.

    To the end, Mayor Tian and Jiang shaked hands with all Greenland stuff and took photos. And Genaral manager Li, expressed again his sincere thanks for coming and supporting of Mayor Tian and his party. Meanwile, Li clearly knew present achievement compared with requests by munipal party committee and municipal government, there is still some way to go, and hope mayor Tian and his party could help and support each construction in greenland pharma as always. What we should do is continous improvement and promotion In future work, from now on, we will redoubble our efforts and don¡¯t lose great trust, try our best to promote economics and social development of greenland pharma into a new stage.