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Qingwen jiedu oral Liquid

Main ingredients: Bombyx Batryticatus /Scorpio /Centipede /Venenum Bufonis

/Coptis Chinensis /Angelica Sinensis /Fructus Forsythiae /Borneol /Gypsum Fibr-osum /Cape Jasmine /Herba Houttuyniae etc. more than 30 kinds of Chinese traditional medicine. 

Principle of component: On the basis of Qingwen baidu powder, add Bombyx Batryticatus, Scorpio ,Centipede to increase the antiviral effect. Add the Licorice ,Dangshen ,Astragalus ,Angelica sinensis to moderate the property of herbs. Relieving the toxicity produced by disease and drug. Both cure disease and protect animals. Add Bupleurum and Borneol to bring down fever and quickly restore the feed intake.

Indications function: 

1Used in the treatment of chicken, duck, goose influenza, Newcastle disease, all kinds of IBV etc. difficult blast disease. Manifest as spirit depression, reducing food intake, dyspnea, sneeze, palpebral edema, crown and beard turn blue, yellow-white and green loose stool, digestive tract and pancreatic hemorrhage or congestion.

2. Used to fill the blank of the immune period.

3. Used to resolve respiratory tract and substandard feed intake after immunization.

4. Used to treat the symptom such as the decline of the laying hen, soft shell, the increase of misshapen eggs, follicular rupture and so on.

Clinical effect:

1. The product can spill out poison gas from the body,promote digestion and enhance absorption, after a course of treatment, feed intake will go back to normal basically. 

2. After two days of using this product will significantly reduce mortality. What is more, the spiritual state will get better. 

3. After a course of treatment, the symptom of respiratory will be obviously 

relieved. The effect of eliminating phlegm is evident.

4. The performance of production will be resumed quickly.It can obviously reduce the decline of egg production due to disease in laying hens. 

Dosage and administration: A bottle or a bag of this production can be applied to 1000 fowls, once per day, drinking water or mixing feedstuff 4-5 hours.In seriouscondition, the dosage can be increased and taken 3-5 days. Experiments proved that there was no toxicity even 10 times of the dosage.

Matters need attention:

1. Qingwen baidu powder must be soaked by boiling water, otherwise the effect will be reduced.

2. Scorpio, Centipede, Bombyx Batryticatus are forbidden to soak in boiling water. They should grind into powder separately and add into cooling fluid. It should be stirred evenly before use, or the effect will be reduced.

3. This product can not be mixed with other Chinese medicine, or it will produce toxicity.