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Famous flowers and effective medicine

 It is a very comfortable thing that planting some flowers and trees in the countyard. In spring,the elegant peony surpasses all flowers¡¯ beauty. The posture of Chinese herbaceous peony is graceful and charming. In summer, lotus bloom sways just like peals on it. In autumn, the persimmons are filled with the tree like red lights. Numbers of chrysanthemums bloom regardless of the frost. In winter, the leaves of Chinese parasol fall. The wintersweets flourish even in the cold season in a year. The tall bamboo stands like jade¡ªa slender and beautiful figure out of the window. It is a place only for celebrities. These flowers and trees can not only beautify the environment and ease mind, but also most famous flowers can be used as effective medicine contributing to human health. 


   From time immemorial, Luoyang, Heze and Baixiang are places for peony flourishing. Nowadays, other places also plant it. Peony is honored as The National Flower and The Year 100 Beautiful Fairy. It is approved by people and society. In ancient, the scene that  a city of people are going crazy when peony bloom and fade for 20 days I have never seen,while last year, it is fact that there are five million people per day on the peony festival in Baixiang. Peony is elegant and gorgeous.And there are dozens of famous varieties competing to flourish. It is really ¡°National beauty likes good wine and heavenly fragrance fumes clothes at night¡±. Zhou Dunyi said: ¡°peony present rich in flowers¡± which is the comment of national beauty and heavenly fragrance¡ªpeony. According to the condition, peony is the first, Chinese herbaceous peony is the second. Therefore people called that peony is the king in the flowers, Chinese herbaceous peony is the prime minister. 

   The peony has hundreds of varieties, but about rare breed. Nobody is willing to dig its roots as medicine.But coincidentally too colorful variety is not

suitable for medicine. In Compendium of Material Medica, Li Shizhen said 

that only peony of red or white single lobe can be taken as medicine.The thousands of rare breeds are caused by people.The odor is impurity. So they are not 

suitable as medicine.Tradition says that the ¡°Feng Dan Pi¡± in 

Anhui phoenix mountain is authentic medicinal materials.  

  The pharmacologic action of peony root bark of 3-4 years:

1. Antihypertensive: the decoction of peony root bark has favorable antihypertensive effect on experimental hypertension. 

2. The paeonol has analgesic effect on experimental pain of mouse.

3. It has anti-convulsion effect.

4. It has antifebrile effect which caused by typhoid and paratyphoid.

5. It has a strong inhibitory effect on dysentery bacillus, salmonella typhi, 

pseudomonas aeruginosa, hemolytic streptococcus, Escherichia coli, 

pneumococcus, deformation bacteria. 

6. It has an inhibitory effect on pathogenic dermatophytes.

7. It has an anti-inflammatory effect.  

   Penoy is bitter and spicy,slightly cold and going to liver and kidney channel.

   Action:clear heat and cool blood, activate blood circulation and dissipate stasis.

   Application:typhus,vomit blood,yin deficiency and fever.

   This production is good at removing heat to cool blood. It is suitable for blood aspect sthenic fever syndrome, such as excess heat syndrome exogenous febrile disease, pathogenic factors enter into Ying blood, hyperpyrexia, crimson tongue, macular eruption, dermexanthesis, nosebleed, hematuriaetc. It often shares with rhinoceros horn, radix rehmanniae, radix paeoniae rubra.

   The properties of this production is spicy and cold. It is good at cooling blood and clearing heat of deficiency heat.

    If it shares with artemisinin, rhizome anemarrhenae, turtle shell, it can cure deficiency of Yin, pyrexia and hectic fever. 

   It can cure women blood deficiency and premenstrual fever when combined with artemisinin, cortex lycli, radix paeoniae alba and prepared rhizome of rehmannia.It is used for blood stasis amenorrhea, fire toxin carbuncle swollenetc.  

   This production can remove pathogenic heat from blood, invigorate the circulation of blood and dissipate stasis. Therefore, all symptoms about heat concentration and blood stasis can be treated by this production. 

   It often shares with cassia twig and peach kernel to cure amenorrhea due to stagnation of blood, dysmenorrhea and abdominal mass.

   It can cure traumatic injury, blood stasis and gall, when combined with 

radix paeoniae rubra, frankincense and myrrh.

   It often shares with honeysuckle flower, fructus forsythiae and dandelion 

to cure fire toxin carbuncle swollen. 

   It can also share with rhubarb, peach kernel and the kernel of benincasa hispida to cure intestinal carbuncle, such as Rhubarb and moutan Decoction. But the pregnant women are not suitable for taking. 


   Scorpio is also known as Quan Chong and Chai. It natives to the north.In the Tang dynasty, Dubai is the Zhu Bu. He took the scorpio to jiangnan with the bamboo tube, so that it can multiply. Therefore, it is also called Zhu Bu Chong or Dubai. It likes to live in the cracks, stone gap or place damp in the shadows. It is excellent which is found in Qingzhou.  I remembered that there are many wild scorpions when I was young. Adults will warn childs not to touch the wall or lean against the wall every summer night. People often be stung to scream and cry.. Nowadays, it is hard to see the wild scorpion because of the pesticide. Most of scorpions are domesticate. Scorpion is terrible, while it can enter into the liver channel. It is important for curing rheumatism aslo for infantile convulsion. It is good at penetrating physique. It is more effective for curing rheumatism. In addition, it is better at detoxification, curing boils, eliminating the frozen swelling inside and the blood freezing. Modern people use it to treat cancer, tuberculosis, thrombosis vasculitis, and it has achieved wonderful results. Someone used scorpion preparations on the dogs to gavage, intramuscular injection, intravenous administration. They all had significant antihypertensive effect and could obviously improve the function of the vasomotor center. 

   Facioplegia: scorpion, Zhi Baifu, centipede, uncaria, radix angelica, each for 20 grams, Putting them together and grinding into smalls. Taking 10 grams every time,twice per day. 

Epidemic encephalitis B acme: Epidemic encephalitis B belongs to diseases caused by dampness. It presents phlegm turbidity and qi block, blinding the orifices of heart, hyperpyrexia and unconsciousness, frequent convulsions, vigorous phlegm and salive. The voice likes locking in a seesaw struggle. Coating on the tongue is thickness and greasy. It can often take a turn to be out of danger when Mr. Zhu Liangchun used ¡°Qitan Dingjing powder¡± to sure it.

   Thirty scorpion ,croton cream 0.5 grams, rhinoceros yellow, fly cinnabar 1.5 grams, the male fine 2 grams, crusted bile arisaema 6 grams, unibract fritillary bulb, tabasheer each 3 grams, musk 0.3 grams. Putting them together and grinding into smalls. Storing in bottle. Taking 0.3-0.6 grams each time, once to twice per day. It often defecates in 3-4 hours after administration, which is black and miscellaneous yellow-white mucus. The phlegm will be eliminated and mental ability will revive soon. The function of relieving dizziness, reducing phlegm, relaxing bowel, excreting turbid is very remarkable. 

   Filariasis, commonly known as erysipelas. It tends to occur in legs. It often attacks repeatedly, not heals for many years. It appears shiver, hyperpyrexia, swelling of legs, heat pain, involving groins pain, calf muscle swells like rubber when it breaks out. Using scorpion, centipede, pangolin scales to detoxicate, dispel the wind, dredge collaterals, subsidence of a swelling. The effect is instant.

   Phthisis: In the 1930s and 1940s, people will get scared when hearing the phthisis. Doctor also considered it is intractability and an incurable disease. Mr. Zhu Liangchun cured the phthisis patients with long treatment. Because the focus of disease often presents rigescent condition, ordinary drugs can not work. Body resistance is weakened and difficult to recover. Therefore, it often needs the Chinese traditional medicine of disappearing carbuncle, detoxification and curing ulcers.Getting rid of the stale and bringing forth the fresh can make the focus absorbed and the cavity closed.¡°Anti-tuberculosis powder¡±is effective. Its prescription is toast scorpion, hyacinth bletilla, human placenta, toast centipede, ground beetle insect, licorice. Putting them together and grinding into smalls. After several months¡¯administration, all symptoms will disappear and the cavity will close.    

   The Anguo druggist looks at it with surprised eyes that ¡°Dabaidu¡± of our company uses scorpion and centipede as medicine. They have never heard of using such precious medicine in animal medicine, which is indeed unique in the veterinary drug industry. They did not know that the poultry diseases transform weirdly, come ferociously, the virus mutation and the super bacteria can not be treated by usual medicine. Our ¡°Dabaidu¡± has a visionary prescription, wonderful compatibility, exquisite medication and sophisticated technology, therefore, it is always praised by the customers.

Chinese herbaceous peony

The Chinese herbaceous peony has some other names like Jiangli£¬Yurong£¬Liuyi£¬Meiguhua£¬etc. 

The peony blooms in grain rain and the Chinese herbaceous peony reflect the solar terms at  summer begins.

The Chinese herbaceous peony is the minister in the flower world,it is graceful and only second to the peony. Actually trace their history, herbaceous peony in four thousand years ago get the favour of people with its beauty, it is the first of flowers in the book of songs:

¡°Scholar fell in love with belle, always send the paeony to express the love.¡±

   The ancients described the girl's soft posture as "graceful"which was compared with the Chinese herbaceous peony, peony was still notvappeared at that time. It said that then the peony came up from the wilderness, and gradually got the appreciation of people. Because its appearance was very similar to herbaceous peony, so people gived the name of "wood peony". Peony wass touted as "the king of flowers", mainly because of the recognition of Tang dynasty royal. So the herbaceous peony had to drop for the second one. But people at Song dynasty didn¡¯t think so they thought "Luoyang has peony and Guangling has herbaceous peony".The peony and the herbaceous peony were taked as sisters, "two brilliant in flowers" is fitting. Dream of Red Mansions recorrds that when Shi Xiangyun had drunk, she lied on a square stool in remote place, and then falled into sweet dreams. Herbaceous peony falled all around the whole body, face and clothes. Hand fan also has fallen and buried by the petal, a group of bees and butterfles flied all around her.She aslo took a pack of petals as a pillow, everybody laughted  and assisted in hurry. (Chapters 62 of Dream of Red Mansions)

Many ancient literati were moved by the wonderful features of the peony and leaved many poetries£¬such as Dongpo su, Yuan Zhen and Wanli Yang.

Today people think that the white paeony bloom white flowers and red paeony bloom red flowers. In fact, in the ¡°Shennong¡¯s Material Medica¡±, the root of paeony was used to make the chinese traditional medicine regardless of red and white. ¡°Illustrated Pharmacopoeia¡±wrote by Hongjing Tao in the Northern and Southern Dynasties began to say the paeony has two kinds of red and white.Today, white paeony was made by artificial cultivationan¡¯root that going through peeling, boiling and dryig. The most famous white paeony comes from hangzhou called ¡°hang white paeony¡±. In addtion,red paeony comes from nature whose head and tail were cut. The best red paeony comes from Mongolia duolun. In ¡°Treatise on Febrile Diseases¡±the prescriptions including paeony is the most,the percentage reachs 27%.The province of housheng in Japan constitutes 210 prescriptions and 32.9% of those have paeony. So, it can enough prove the fuction of paeony.

Trditional Chinese medicine considered that :white paeony is bitter,sour and cold. The channel tropism is liver and spleen. It can nourish blood and converge yin,calm liver and relieve pains,supress yang.

   This prescription can be used for irregular menstruation,bellyache,metrorrhagia and metrostaxis and some gynecological diseases.

 Siwu decoction contains rehmannia, angelica and rhizoma chuanxiong, radix paeoniae alba. If dysmenorrhea happens, Rizoma Cyperi and Corydalis would be added. And if  dysmenorrhea can not stop, it should add Donkey-hide gelatin,mugwort leaf.

    Paeony also can stop sweating,harmonize Yin-wei,cure affection of wind-cold and spontaneous sweating and exterior deficiency, If adding Cassia twig, licorice, ginger and jujube.

It can cure night sweat caused by yin deficiency and yang floating if adding platycladi seed, oysters, fructus schisandraet,which can be used for liver depression,epigastrc pain and limbs twitching.

Paeony adding  Radix bupleuri, angelica, atractylodes will regulate liver, nourish blood, relieve pains,such as Xiaoyao Powder,it always be used for liver supression and blood deficiency.

Danggui Shaoyao Powder.is composed of paeony adding angelica,ligusticum wallichii,poria,atractylodes rhizome and rhizoma alismatis.It is effective for abdom inal pain caused by pregnancy. 

    Recently, paeony only or adding liquorice have obtained the good efficacy for habitual constipation.

Modern research

    Paeoniflorin has the function of alleviating smooth muscle,it can make autonomic movement of mice uterus in vitro reduced, tension decreased and compete with the response to uterine contractions caused by hypophysin and gastro spasm caused by pilocarpine,expand peripheral vessel and oronary artery, control nervous centralis and control gastric secretion,prevent stress ulcer.The decoction of paeoniflorin has extensive antibacterial spectrum.


    Mr.Yang Zuomei from Gansu makeShaoyao Gancao decoction for treating habitual constipation, the effect is very good. The prescription includes raw white peony root of 45g and born licorice of 15g,usually two doses can make stool unimpeded and no recrudescence. Stubborn astriction for many years can use one dose weekly and then the intestine can maintain unblocked.

   Mr. Liu Lihong from Guangxi uses Shaoyao Gancao decoction for chronic diarrhea caused by allergic colitis, the prescription includes white peony root of 30g and licorice of 15g. It is applied for harmonizing Yin-wei,alleviating diarrhoea,correcting disorder of utonomic nerve .

   Mr.Yang Yuheng,my teacher use peony 100g and angelica 100g for treating dysentery of horses and cattles, usually hotshot arrives ill besides.

    Peony is good at stoping sharp pain, slow strength.Sharp pain is spasmodic pain,has tightness and paroxysm. The pain in the ¡°Treatise on Febrile Diseases¡± refers to the spasm of stomach, intestines, gastrocnemius muscle, skeletal muscle, stomach pain, diaphragm, urethra, vagina, the spasm of musculus facialis and bronchus all can use it.Stop spasm,relive tension,this is priorities.   


The old saying said£ºCentipede death but not stiffness.Centipede has many other names like wugong,baijiao,tianlong,aogaomu.The golden head centipede has long body and two ranks of neat foot and golden red head. It is the best centipede to make medicine.

Centipede has eccentric appearance,but it can cure many diseases. ¡°Compendium of Materia Medica¡±said, it can counteract toxic substances, dredge the channel, relieve pains, and stop spasm.

    ¡°The applications and the west in the record¡± made by Xichun Zhang said: someone has stomach cancer for a few days. He had taken many traditional chinese medicine but didn¡¯t work. One day, he wanted to drink. After drinking the wine off from the kettle which had been placed for long time., Then he recovered day after day.Later, he found a golden head centipede in it. So he understood it wasn¡¯t the wine but the centipede worked. Extravasated blood ascend to gastral cavity formstomach cacer,while centipede can scatter stasis,so it can work. 

Futhermore,when northerner go to the south of deep mountains and forest,they usually feel uncomfortable such as vomiting and diarrhea,dizziness with headache. They often take the centipede and radix angelicae in his handbag to resolve.

The chicken¡¯  respiratory disease often let the farm staff distressed because of its complex cause , quickly change and high mortility. The therapeutic methods are various, such as antibiotics, cephalosporins,antiviral and so on. But it can not work or wipe out thoroughly. The ¡°Dabaidu¡±of our campany contains the centipede, scorpion and batryticated silkworm and was known as miracle because of the fuction of counteracting toxic substances,weeping wind and stopping spasm.

 A famous TCM doctor lived in dabie mountain is good at curing bite of snake and has saved so many people. One day, a teenager played in the mountain, however, he was bited by a toxious snake. After two days in hospital, he was delirious,can not speak and had cyanoderma in whole body. His colleagues send him to the doctor¡¯ house. After the detection, the doctor catched several centipedes,combining with coptis , rhubarb and  licorice smach make into paste. Drinking half, and the left panted on the wound. Two hours later, he bagan to moan.and opened the eyes that day. Even more amazing,the patient was completely healed only after three days.

¡°Compendium of Materia Medic¡±records that taking centipede, scorpion and eupolyphaga with tea smaching into powder.orally can cure bone tuberculosis and scrofula.

    It was recorded that once there were so many horses and mules sufferring from tetanus,which had strong infectiousness and high mortality,people treated it as crisis.At that time,veterinarians have no ways,tetanus antitoxin is hard to bought and not afford,if suffered from the disease,the loss is huge.Mr.Yang,my teacher used centipede for stoping spasm and dredging vein,use saposhnikovia divaricate,arisaema consanguineum schoot and uicaria tomentosa for calm and eliminating wind.Drenched with stomach tube for many time,after 3-5 days,animals would break away from dangerous period.

Modern researches of centipede are as follows:

Putting centipede, Realgar, indigo naturalis, catechu together and then grinding them into powder,stirring into pasty with strong tea,putting it on the scathing and painful skin, several times a day,which have obvious effects on treating herpes zoster.

It¡¯s useful for spasm,convulsions and wound caused by bugs,erysipelas, scrofula, poison, anal fistula, snake bites, lymphadenitis, osteomyelitis, and paronychia, pleural tuberculosis, bone tuberculosis, whooping cough.

    It has bacteriostasis and antimicrobial effects on fungus,control and kill Strands of abdominal table versicolor bacterium, achorion, trichophyta, skin fungus, fungus and bacteria in vagina.

    Water extract from centipede can improve glutathione peroxidase activities in blood or erythrocytes,increase the weight of thymus and spleen abviously.So it can delay senility.

    It¡¯s always applied for cerebral thrombosis sequelae, facioplegia, unknown toxin, chronic glomerulonephritis, hepatitis, splenomegaly, heel spur, inflamation of the sciatic nerve, verruca plana, corn, impotence, functional ejaculatory disorder, acute mastitis.

    It can treat coldl and heat accumulation in heart and belly, burns and scalds, migraine for lasting a long time,improve the circulation of mice,extend the clotting time,lower blood viscosity and has apparent effect on analgesia.

    However, it can get poisoned with high dose,if so,taking the decoction made of tea,phoenix-tail fern, honeysuckle and liquorice can detoxify.Pregnant women are forbidden to use it.